PT Mitra Berlian Internasional

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PT Mitra Berlian Internasional is a seaweed supplier, and exporter company, that provide best quality seaweed and all it’s variants.We already have several consumers from within our country and abroad. Our products have no doubt about their quality. For about purchasing our products, you can directly contact usby WhatsApp +62-812-9335-8889and also by Email :

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Vitamin Content and Advantages of seaweed In 100 grams of crude seaweed ,he accompanying supplements are contained: • Water: 82.2 grams • Carbs: 7.94 grams • Fiber: 0.7 grams • Calcium: 129 milligrams • Magnesium: 77 milligrams • Phosphorus: 60 milligrams • Potassium: 165 milligrams • Sodium: 384 milligrams • L-ascorbic acid: 15 milligrams • …

Kinds of Seaweed that Can Be Consumed

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Kinds of Seaweed that Can Be Consumed There are different sorts of seaweed that can be consumed new, dried, cooked, or handled into powder supplements, to be specific: Nori: Red green growth handled into dried sheets and used to move sushi Sea lettuce: Green nori that seems to be lettuce leaves, can be consumed crude …

What are the advantages seaweed for people

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What are the advantages seaweed for people? The primary advantage of seaweed is easing back the development of malignant growth cells. From the aftereffects of examination directed, seaweed has great properties for forestalling the development of disease cells in the body. Not just that, seaweed is likewise viewed as successful in treating dangerous cancers and …

What is Seaweed

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What is Seaweed? Ocean growth is important for the multi-celled green growth family which incorporates green growth, red green growth and earthy colored green growth. For a really long time, seaweed has been a most loved element for medication, industry and food in view of its wholesome substance PT Mitra Berlian Internasional is a seaweed supplier, …

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