What are the extraordinary qualities of seaweed?

This ocean growth has morphological qualities, to be specific a thallus that has round and hollow or level branches, the branches are unpredictable and harsh. The tip is pointed or gruff, purple brown or yellow green. Has unpredictable spines covering the thallus and branches. Smooth surface.

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What area of Indonesia produces seaweed?

The fundamental seaweed creating regions in Indonesia are in 10 territories in Indonesia, in particular: South Sulawesi Territory, Focal Sulawesi Area, East Nusa Tenggara Region, East Java Region, Southeast Sulawesi

What are the advantages seaweed for people

What are the advantages seaweed for people? The primary advantage of seaweed is easing back the development of malignant growth cells. From the aftereffects of examination directed, seaweed has great

How would you develop ocean growth?

Seaweed Development as a Business Ranch for Waterfront People group There are a few techniques or phases of seaweed development which the creator will make sense of beneath. 1.         Determination